Exercise After C Section - How To Lose Weight Fast

You should never be in a hurry to lose weight after C-section. Your first priority, instead, should be to allow natural healing to occur at its own pace. The stitches must heal, and no pressure must be exerted upon them. The body too should be allowed to recuperate slowly before your consider exercise after C-section as an option to lose fat.


Your main effort at this stage should be to let your body recoup what it has lost. To do this, you must say no to sugary and oily substances and move to a diet that comprises wholesome food, succulent fruits and fresh greens. You should also drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices. A diet like this will put a brake to any fat accumulation that may happen on account of childbirth.

Your diet should also include generous doses of milk. It is an important source of calcium, something that your body needs badly after the C-section. Also, remember to have spinach as often as you can. It’s a great way to make up for iron lost by the body.

At this stage, you should not be concerned about your calorie intake or weight loss. Post pregnancy the calorie intake is often on the higher side since the body utilizes it for the stepped up metabolic activity. The trick is to switch the fattening foods with the non-fattening stuff. Initially the entire process might prove to be cumbersome but within days you will see your body getting back to your good, old self.

You should not panic if you see your abdominal muscles getting distended or fat settling down in your thighs. Wait for your doctor to tell you when you can start exercising to lose weight.

You have several options when it comes to selecting the right exercise after C-section. You can start with yoga. The yogic asanas are mostly stretching exercises and are very good for abdominal muscles.

Another good exercise after C-section is pelvic tilts. This exercise too is a good way to strengthen your abdominal muscles. You can also consider side crunches. However, this exercise should be undertaken only when the stitches have full healed.

Pilates is another exercise that is extremely beneficial for a young mother who wants to exercise after C-section. The pilates helps in building strength, suppleness and posture by working on the core muscles. However, it is important that these exercises are done under the guidance of an experienced trainer..

The next step is to step up the pace of the exercise. You need to enroll yourself in an aerobic studio for a more disciplined and enjoyable way of losing fat. However, such intensive exercises should be taken up only when you have started feeling stronger and fitter, and after obtaining the approval of your doctor.

You must make sure that any exercise after C-section is paced. You should start off slowly and build momentum as you gain stamina and strength. An important part of exercise after C-section is discipline. You should not break the routine of exercising once you see signs of thinning happen. Please remember that fat lost has a disconcerting tendency of coming back faster than before.



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